Construction and engineering

The construction industry is the basis for effective economic development in modern society - the level of comfort of the place of residence, the convenience of placing the structure of educational buildings and hospitals, as well as the formation of accessible urban infrastructure depend on the prospects for its growth. At the same time, further indicators of the development of this industry directly depend on the adaptability of the construction services market to the rapidly changing business environment, technological progress and other external factors. The rich experience of cooperation and provision of services in the field of construction enables our team of experts to develop practical solutions in accordance with the individual needs of individual clients.

Among the factors influencing the development of the construction industry - the variability of the conditions of the market of factors of production, wholesale and retail trade, as well as the scope of specialized services. Over the past two years, the Ukrainian market has seen a positive trend in the rate of housing construction, especially in large cities. At the same time, the secondary real estate market is in a low value range. Tajikistan is a country with a favorable geopolitical position, which makes it attractive for investors in the long term.