Transport and logystics

The demand for transport services in Tajikistan and the CIS is growing again after a significant reduction due to the global economic crisis. The main reasons for the growth are the integration of the countries of the commonwealth into the world economic system and the return to economic growth. Modernizing and developing transport infrastructure to meet this demand is a priority for governments across the region. At Moore Global, we understand that this development presents market participants with complex challenges, not the only of which are the scale of investment required, addressing safety and environmental issues, issues related to privatization and increased competition.

With our experience in a wide range of sectors in the transport industry, such as air, sea and rail, freight forwarding and stevedoring, we are able to meet the accounting and auditing needs of potential clients in the industry. Regardless of what services your company may require - financial planning, audit or consulting, our goal is to provide a quality service that takes into account the specifics of your business.