Your problems, our solutions

At a time when the economic crisis is unfolding at full power, companies in Tajikistan are trying to do everything possible to ensure their economic efficiency. But some types of costs cannot be deferred "for the future", for example, the cost of auditing financial statements. We will help you conduct a detailed audit of all financial indicators and achieve a reduction in your costs.

The goal of the international audit network Moore Global is to improve the efficiency of your business through our services, including financial audit, accounting outsourcing and provision of guarantees. In order to avoid any surprises, we recognize the importance of providing guarantees for business management.

Whether you are grappling with risk in a global marketplace, starting a new business in the local market, or needing assurance that your financial information is accurate and objective, Moore Global has all your needs. We understand that for this it is fundamentally important to understand how your business works, and therefore our approach to work requires familiarity and understanding of the key business risks and corporate governance requirements that have developed in your company.

Few players among international audit firms Tajikistan and Almaty can boast of an impressive level of knowledge and experience - such as that of Moore Global. But only this level will provide high quality services that meet the needs of your business. Often, audit and consulting agencies focus on a wide range of services offered, regardless of whether they have anything to do with your business.

Moore Global works in concert with market leaders: we study the nature of your organization, using all our experience in a particular sector of the economy. This ensures that the assigned tasks are carried out accurately and on time. By regularly reviewing our audit procedures, we are consistently committed to the highest standards of technical excellence, professional integrity and objectivity. With the growing strength of our international network, we are confident that we provide our clients with the best advice on the best practices.

How can we help you
Moore Stephens Tajikistan's audit method is based on a clear understanding of the nature and structure of your business and the financial risks it faces. By agreeing on all expectations at an early stage, the audit focuses on the needs of the business. This allows us not only to give opinions on the audit of financial statements, but also to provide the client with valuable information that will help in further development.

Conducting a constructive and complex audit of financial statements will allow you to get an accurate picture of the real state of affairs and the results of economic activity of your company, and will make it possible to identify weak links in the management system. At the end of the audit, we prepare a letter addressed to the head of the company with a summary of proposals for improving the internal control system, accounting and tax accounting. Financial audit is also an essential tool for determining tax liabilities. Our additional services include:
  • guidance and assistance in preparing financial statements
  • financial reporting audit support
  • translation of financial statements
  • tax review
Why Moore Stephens Tajikistan?
Our services are focused on solving critical problems and are focused on ensuring that your business system, monitoring and compliance procedures give all shareholders a sense of confidence and complete peace of mind.
After completing internal and external audits, you will receive an independent and commercially reasonable view of the accuracy and effectiveness of your financial statements, management structure and corporate governance processes.

We complement our services with the most advanced methodologies and ensure that our clients' business goals are achieved, as well as improve the risk management system.

We provide the company's management and board of directors with detailed reports that fully disclose the results of the audit, ensuring a complete understanding of the business situation by all parties.