Internal audit

One of the key elements of good corporate governance is ensuring the effective functioning of procedures and controls in all operations. Internal audit provides assurance as well as identifies areas for improvement in key business operations, thereby empowering management to improve performance.

Effective internal audit consists of the systematic review of all important processes in an organization, including finance, HR, IT, sales, purchasing and other operations departments. Internal audit evaluates policies, procedures and controls to ensure that:
  • achievements of goals
  • Management of risks
  • efficient use of resources
  • compliance with external laws and regulations
  • protecting assets from fraud, irregularities or corruption
  • integrity and reliability of information
We offer cooperation both on the basis of outsourcing and one-time engagement of our specialists to assess the effectiveness of your internal audit service or conduct an audit of any area of ​​your business.

Our core internal audit services cover three key areas:
  • Corporate governance
  • Management of risks
  • Internal controls
Why Moore Stephens Tajikistan?

Moore Stephens Tajikistan's specialists have relevant professional qualifications in areas such as accounting, internal audit, information systems audit, risk management and project management. This broad expertise, combined with significant experience gained from working with organizations across a variety of industries, provides us with an excellent opportunity to share best practices and help you achieve real value - delivering measurable returns on your internal audit investment.

Affiliate Guide
Partners in our teams will not only lead the assignment and ensure maximum quality and efficiency, but will also be available throughout the project.

Openness and consistency
A key part of our internal audit services is not only preparing a detailed report, but also meeting with management to discuss our findings and recommendations. This personal communication and transparency is vital to ensure that you get the most out of the internal audit process.